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Saint Louis, MO


Ping Yan started to learn drawing and painting at a very early age and working in a wide variety of mediums including Chinese brush painting, watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, and pen sketch. Ping enjoys creating portraits, cartoon, flowers and landscapes.

Ping's artworks involve an extensive area of subject matters and styles from oriental to impressionism, light to dark values.

Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Compared to other genres, freehand brush work is more random, because it does not pay too much attention on the similarity. The essence of freehand brush work grasps the most obvious or essential spiritual characteristics. This character makes it a genre that is both easiest and most difficult. Her brush painting work shown the painter must work with speed, pitch, liveliness, confidence, and technical mastery, infusing spiritual energy into the brushstrokes.

One of ping's favorite art subjects is peony. Regarded as one of the most exquisite flowers in Chinese culture, the peony is a symbol for nobility, value and beauty. Peony in full bloom represents prosperity and peace and will bring good fortune and success to people.

She has entered pieces in art shows and solo art show and has won the first place award in one of the art shows. She also published a book as an illustrator and some artworks in magazines. She is also enjoying teaching art to the adults and children. Her students from the kid's art class had won a lot of art awards in the art contests. She has been invited to demo her Chinese brush painting and do portrait sketches in many art fairs and events.

The action of creating artworks enriched her life and provided her with both physical and mental relaxation. She believes that Qigong and the way of Chinese brush painting has something in common: breathe management, physical exercise and mental focus.


Cardinal by Ping Yan


Butterfly by Ping Yan


Still life by Ping Yan


Still life by Ping Yan


Saint Louis Cardinals by Ping Yan


Cardinals by Ping Yan


Happy New Year 2014 by Ping Yan


Johnson's Schut-ins park by Ping Yan


Janice's Old House by Ping Yan


Sunset at Creve Coeur Park by Ping Yan


Early Spring 2 by Ping Yan


cat and golden fish by Ping Yan


Harvest by Ping Yan


landscape by Ping Yan


Landscape by Ping Yan


Landscape by Ping Yan


Fishing at Carlyle lake in Illinois by Ping Yan


Spring Rain at Horseshoe Park in Illinois by Ping Yan


A Sunny Saturday Morning at Wevster Grove by Ping Yan


Double Horses by Ping Yan


Peony by Ping Yan


Bamboo Village by Ping Yan


Success by Ping Yan


Horse by Ping Yan


Horse by Ping Yan


Sleep angle by Ping Yan


Baby by Ping Yan


stone art by Ping Yan


bird by Ping Yan


stone art by Ping Yan


Lunch by Ping Yan


Spring by Ping Yan


Confucius by Ping Yan


Children with mom by Ping Yan


Park by Ping Yan


Relationship by Ping Yan


Confucius and Student by Ping Yan


Confucius with Students by Ping Yan


Ups and Downs by Ping Yan


Lily by Ping Yan


lily by Ping Yan


Lily by Ping Yan


Go Home by Ping Yan


Plum Tree by Ping Yan


Autumn by Ping Yan


Green river by Ping Yan


Peony by Ping Yan


Horseshoe Park Lotus Pond in winter by Ping Yan